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Why Tribe47?
A funnel, not a website

We work holistically with what you have – from your branding, to your product, marketing and sales – and transform it into one cohesive, digital journey.

Data, not wild guesses

Get ready to see your business metrics turned into actionable insights, so you can grow your traffic, boost conversions and decrease your customer acquisition cost.

A partner, not an agency

We’re in this together: stay focused on delivering a great product, while our team takes care of your entire digital marketing – from strategy to implementation.

Clients, not clicks

We aim to deliver clients (revenue), not just clicks, reach or impressions. We constantly monitor the metrics and swiftly readjust our moves to deliver better results.

Education, not pushy sales tactics

Acquiring clients online is getting harder every day – unless you build a relationship with your audience by creating value through engaging, relevant content.

Specialists, not account managers

Our team of full-stack marketers is trained in 428 skills in 11 categories – and these numbers keep on growing thanks to our weekly skill acceleration workshops.

How we doubled user acquisition for an Online Yoga Subscription in the middle of #crisis2020

Read about the 3 key strategies that helped us activate #stayathome crowds, spread the positive message and acquire almost 3000 users in a month

The graph shows standard funnel for PortalYogi business
which got #accelerated thanks to 3 key tactics

Our services

At Tribe47 we pride ourselves on working only with high-quality products and ethical businesses. That’s been our philosophy before the crisis and that’s what we stand by today.

If your online business — whether it’s an app, e-commerce or subscription platform — helps people stay safe, resilient & hopeful, ping us an email. Our team is ready to scale your business, grow your reach and your revenue. All hands on deck.

From launch to GROWTH

If you’re just launching, we will start by developing a detailed market strategy. Once it’s done, we’ll set up a team of our in-house and external specialists – and simply get the party started.

From stagnation to GROWTH

If you’re already on the market, but you’re not happy with your growth rate, we will start by reviewing your current sales and marketing strategy – and suggesting re-adjustments. If you don’t have a team to execute the changes – let us do it for you.

Businesses we serve

We will implement an end-to-end marketing strategy that scales your traffic, boosts conversion and increases your customer lifetime value.


We will implement an end-to-end marketing strategy that scales your traffic, boosts conversion and slams churn rate.


We will implement an end-to-end marketing strategy that scales your traffic, grows your email list and boosts sales conversion.


We will implement an end-to-end marketing strategy that promotes your brand, scales your traffic and gets you relevant leads.

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Our services are as strong as our people

Tribe47 was born out of passion and a market need. After leaving her position as a Senior Partner at Mindvalley – one of the biggest online publishing houses in the personal growth industry – Ewa Wysocka started connecting with entrepreneurs who were looking to grow their businesses online. Her discovery was that a lot of passionate founders can’t benefit from fragmented digital marketing services, which stops them from growing their business to its fullest potential.

With a mission to solve this issue she decided to start a company that will provide both – digital marketing strategy and execution needed for growth. Because an excellent execution requires an excellent team, she dedicated (and still does) a lot of effort and financial investment into coaching Tribe47 troops – now consisting of almost 40 in-house specialists.

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