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We'll Identify the biggest drop-offs in your funnel and use a proven set of tactics to maximize your conversion rates. But this is just the beginning of a journey.

That's why we’ll guide users of your website or mobile app all the way through the funnel to be later able to turn them into loyal customers and grow their LTV.

What can {we do} for you?

  • conversion rate optimization
  • CRO/AOV audit
  • A/B testing
  • marketing automation strategy and implementation
  • lead nurturing campaigns
  • email marketing and automation
  • landing pages creation and optimization
  • e-commerce metrics audit
  • buyer journey analysis

We execute {multi platform campaigns} that deliver results

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Conversion rate optimization

Our process starts with analyzing the whole buyer journey and identifying areas for improvement that can boost your conversion rate.

To ensure maximum benefit in a short span, we prioritize recommendations and focus on implementing changes that bring the greatest value. We then analyze the impact of these changes.


E-commerce metrics audit

What do you measure to understand how your business is doing? What if we tell you that it’s not only revenue, costs, and ROAS? Based on our experience, we'll provide you with a list of the most important metrics and KPIs you need to track to understand where your business stands.

We evaluate these metrics in regard to your business dynamics, compare them to industry standards and identify potential risk and growth opportunities.


landing page building

Marketing automation

Automate your communication – convert more new leads and improve the LTV of your current clients. We'll choose an appropriate tool based on your business model, needs, and budget.

Later we'll implement it in collaboration with developers, integrate it with your current tech stack and create a structure for data storage and further segmentation. Whether it’s push messages, lead nurturing emails, or converting – we got it covered for you.


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