Nataliia Palii

Head of Finance, Member of Management Team

Nataliia makes sure that all financial processes are under control: Accounts Payable match the budget, and Accounts Receivable reach bank accounts timely to ensure proper reporting so that data-driven decisions can be made in the company – for all our entities – talent47, talent47, academy47. She’s a big fan of using productivity tricks (zero inbox strategy) and planning all tasks in ClickUp. Proud 5+ years member of the team.

I connect the dots in...

browse clients
data reporting

More {about me}:

  • one fun fact about me: Watch out - I actively convince all my friends that running marathons is cool and healthy - you can be the next persona for my marketing campaign.
  • favorite drink: Kombucha tea
  • favorite book: "Shoe Dog" by Phil Knight
  • cats or dogs: dogs

"Work smarter – not harder"