Gabriela Wawszkowicz

Creative Strategist & Marketing Automation Specialist

As a dedicated specialist with a unique IT background, staying informed about the latest industry news, cutting-edge gadgets, and innovative tools is crucial for continuously enhancing my skills and knowledge. This enables me to bring fresh and effective strategies to the table, leveraging the ever-evolving industry landscape. With a proven track record of successfully managing large-scale and fast-paced projects, I firmly believe in the effectiveness of SMART campaigns and the philosophy of working smarter every day.

I connect the dots in...

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ad creatives
landing page building
launch & growth strategy
marketing automation

Most recent projects I worked on:

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More {about me}:

  • one fun fact about me: I am also a programmer!
  • favorite drink: Green tea
  • favorite book: Neuromancer
  • cats or dogs: Dogs

"Whatever happens, happens"