Since 2016 we’ve been {a tribe of passionate individuals} that first started with our CEO Ewa Wysocka and with time grew into a bunch of like-minded marketers ready to deliver excellent service to numerous online brands.
But in the beginning, it wasn’t that easy and we had to learn our lesson. Even though the specialists were knocking on our door, we wanted to make sure they fit our holistic vision of {a T-shaped marketer}. In 2018, we launched a neatly crafted talent development program and we trained all team members according to our very own skillset framework which we call the {Skill Matrix}.

In 2020 we narrowed down our expertise and started specializing in delivering excellent services in B2C quick commerce, food delivery, and health and wellness areas.
In the next few years, we focused on refining our processes to better serve our clients in growing their online businesses. We improved our project management and set standards within this area.

With advertising algorithms working less effectively, we decided to step up in the game of creative marketing. In 2022 we introduced a division for creative challenges and hired top-notch graphic designers and copywriters.
At the time you’re reading this paragraph, we’re still {learning new skills and deepening our expertise}. Cause we simply like what we do!


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