It Takes a Tribe...
To Grow a Business Online

A specialized team – ready to deliver end-to-end digital funnel flows
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Our story

Find out how in just 3 years we have grown from a team of 4 to a team of 30+ passionate individuals, and what keeps up awake at night.

The Processes

After dynamic growth, we are refining our processes to better serve our clients in growing their online businesses. Going forward our focus will be on working with the business models we know best. We are delighted to be launching our own funnel – so expect lots of good content coming your way!

The Team

We created a crack team of specialists to handle the growing number of clients in need of help with execution after Strategy Project delivery. From the more than 1200 applications to join our tribe, we chose the most passionate and talented individuals. Once onboard, this batch of bright young rising stars were trained holistically via our unique, internally-developed Tribe47 Skill Matrix.

The Strategy

We strengthened the processes for delivering our introductory Strategy Project service for launching and growing online businesses, and more clients knocked at our door. Thanks to the support of Veena Sidhu we reached out beyond Warsaw to start serving clients internationally. Ewa’s experience of marketing to USA-based audiences while at Mindvalley reinforced Tribe47’s international credibility.

The Clients

Thanks to the popularity of our T&C Meetups, and also to the wide network of Tribe47 co-founder Jakub Szalaty, we scored our first solid client – an online cybersecurity academy. The first implementation of our strategy was a success, and more clients soon followed. Kostya and Wiola joined our growing operation and the original Tribe47 team was formed.

The Beginning

After 6 years at Mindvalley (a world-renowned online publisher) – where she served as Senior Partner – Ewa Wysocka returned to Poland. After renting a desk at the newly opened Google Campus Warsaw, Ewa launched a series of education events called Traffic & Conversion Meetups (T&C Meetups) which drew over 1500 enquiring business minds, eager to listen and learn.

Our team

To serve our clients and execute our strategies most effectively, we are committed to developing and maintaining the strongest possible inhouse team of digital business specialists. We hire and develop specialists in 3 areas – digital marketing & business development; content marketing; performance marketing & analytics.













Tribe47 manifesto values

Tribe47 is about growth.


Marketing is about funnel.


Work is about achieving goals and enjoying it in the process.


Relationships are about partnerships.


Communication is about transparency.


Strength is in the team.


Leadership is about ownership.


Fulfillment is about impact.


Ethics are about being responsible.

Tribe47 Skills Matrix

To be able to grow talent within the company, we have developed our own map of digital marketing skills which our team members must master to serve our clients effectively. It identifies 500 distinct skills categorized under 11 skill groups.

Project management

Skills related to running projects with goals in mind, and delivering them on time, to scope, and within the budget. These skills include using technology to work faster and more effectively.

Soft skills

Skills related to effective communication inside the team and with our clients. These skills are really important to make the experience of work rewarding and to keep passion and positivity alive.

Sales & Marketing Psychology

Skills related to understanding and predicting the behaviours of online audiences, and creating flows of communication that can influence that behaviour to meet marketing goals.

Ungated Content Campaign Building

Content marketing skills, including content envisioning and creation skills and SEO. This area also covers social media content campaigns and content distribution skills.

Lead Acquisition Campaigns Building

Skills for building different types of lead acquisition campaigns, both evergreen and time-sensitive, and launching them using the required marketing tech.

Sales Campaign Building

Building different types of sales campaigns, from direct sales campaigns supported with promos to more complex campaigns that involve a sales lead collection process.


Even though we cooperate with freelance copywriters on projects, we still develop copywriting skills within our team – especially in terms of copywriting structures.

Website Building

Skills related to website envisioning and development process management, so we can effectively liaise between the needs of the marketing department and software developers.

Marketing Automation

Skills related to using and implementing different forms of existing marketing tech as well as effectively researching and testing new ones.

Data Reporting & Analysis

Skills related to using analytical tools to gather data needed to access the results of digital marketing activities, as well as using data to spin off and test new hypotheses.

Paid Media Campaigns

Skills related to structuring, managing and scaling paid media advertising campaigns on platforms like Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and others.

How do we develop skills inside the company?

There really is a lack of specialists in the market who can see and understand how different digital marketing tools and techniques overlap and interact with each other, and build an acquisition journey from start to finish. This is we build processes and train our team to apply them inside Tribe47.

Weekly Skill Acceleration We have become “religious” about our weekly skill acceleration sessions. Each week one individual from the team is responsible for preparing and delivering a briefing that accelerates a skill which we all could benefit from developing further. Sessions are frequently enhanced with the addition of an external guest speaker, or the use of external training material.
Skill Evaluation & Mentoring We have formulated our own process for evaluating every team member against the 11 skill categories we have developed. It is based on self and peer-based evaluation. We also use it to mentor each other and to design training and skill acceleration sessions, ensuring that any gaps in our skills are filled.
Conferences, Workshops & Online Courses We have a dedicated budget for external training and conferences for our team members and wee value internationally recognized knowledge sources. Among our favorite places to send our team members we would list: Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego, Web Summit in Lisbon, Growth Tribe in Amsterdam and London, Conversion XL and many more.
Grow with Tribe47

We are constantly searching for passionate young individuals at different stages of their digital marketing journey to join our Tribe.

We are passionate about working with teams and clients who are ambitious about growth yet focused on their product and operations – so we can add the digital business growth component. To be successful at Tribe, you need to be a fast thinker and learner and a person who loves to connect the dots between different areas of marketing and business, between creativity and hard data, and between effective communication and fast-paced decision making.

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