The Proven Webinar Script Outline

Includes full webinar script outline and recommendations essential to engaging your audience and acquiring NEW CLIENTS

Tested On Tribe47 Clients Since 2016

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This webinar script outline is a result of years of testing and learning alongside our clients. It’s been used in evergreen and LIVE webinars across many industries, but was originally designed with a B2C educational business in mind.

With smart adjustments it can serve as canvas for a great B2B webinar too.
It’s no fancy ebook with catchy graphics and lots of things you do not really need.

It’s a simple text file which you can put to work RIGHT AWAY to start scripting a high-converting webinar.

Ewa Wysocka Founder, CEO, President of the Board Apart of envisioning and planning Tribe47 growth, Ewa is responsible for creating online funnel strategy frameworks for our clients that are being used to improve and create success.
Katarzyna Lapko Digital Marketing Specialist Katarzyna is responsible for creating digital marketing funnels and management of online education projects with specialization in email marketing, landing pages building, and marketing automation.