Checklist: 12 Steps to LinkedIn Profile Optimization

12 Quick and Easy Steps to Making Your LinkedIn Profile the Perfect Landing Page

What will you get?

The checklist includes 12 important elements of optimizing your personal and company profile and content strategy to grow your business organically.

 Our guide is easy to use, visual one-pager you can always have handy in your office or share with your team. Use it strategically to help you to optimize your LinkedIn profile like a pro, to drive leads and traffic to your page.

The guide is designed to help online businesses (its founders and team members) to start using their personal Linkedin profiles as a social selling channel.

Download Now The Checklist to Your LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Ewa Wysocka Founder, CEO, President of the Board Apart of envisioning and planning Tribe47 growth, Ewa is responsible for creating online funnel strategy frameworks for our clients that are being used to improve and create success.