Your Cheat Sheet to the Effective Digital Sales Funnel

Includes 4 Funnel Flows for 4 Types of Online Business to secure GROWTH

What will you get?

The right Digital Sales and Marketing Funnel can subtly guide your online customers from awareness to purchase through the creation of that most precious of human things – a relationship.

While there is no “one size fits all” digital sales funnel, there are certain funnels that work well with particular business types.

On this sales funnel cheat sheet we’ve outlined the four groups into which most online businesses fall together with details of their best-fitting digital sales funnel model: B2B, Online Education, eCommerce, and Subscription business.

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Ewa Wysocka CEO & Head of Service Delivery Team at Tribe47 Ewa has over 10 years of experience in building and executing online launch and growth strategies. Apart from envisioning and planning Tribe47 growth, Ewa is responsible for creating growth strategies and overseeing their implementation for our key clients.