Volodymyr Turchak

Digital Marketing Specialist

Helping to scale businesses by planning and implementing better strategies, sharing digital marketing tactics and tricks, executing Inbound, optimizing marketing funnels for better results.

Ask me about: How to grow your SaaS business, achieve market trust and high awareness, automate your marketing and how to optimize your funnel.

What I do outside Tribe47

I am developing and scaling my own SaaS startup in Poland. When it comes to sport I’m a fan of sup-surfing and jogging. My other fields of interest are street fashion and underground music (on the contrary, I know the lyrics of every One Direction song by heart).

My favorite book

Principles by Ray Dalio. This book is written in a unique way: comparing life choices and investing. Ray Dalio covers statistically proven rules for life basing on real case studies.

Hard work pays off.