Oliwer Grzonka

Digital Marketing Specialist

On a daily basis, Oliwer works on growing online subscription business by decreasing churn and increasing sales or conversion rate optimization, as well as and freeing human time by automating as much work as possible. Once every few weeks, he also brings a waffle machine and cooks tasty snacks for the entire Tribe47.

Ask me about: Economics, biohacking, digital marketing analytics & strategy, AI, breaking into events

Outside Tribe47

– Triathlon
– Star Wars: X-Wing – a miniature game
– Social activism
– Cooking
– Debating
– Urban exploring
– Breaking into events without an invite


My favorite book

Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind – it was a nice example of blending philosophy with fantasy and introduced me to the ideas of individualism.


Oliwer M. Grzonka