Nikol Chmelíčková


Performance Marketing Specialist

Nikol is responsible for the performance of paid campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google and helps brands grow and scale while optimizing for the best ROAS. She works closely with the creative team to ensure the best possible match between the target audience and content.

What I do outside Tribe47:

She is passionate about learning and developing herself. Currently, she discovered hut-to-hut hiking which has been a great source of inspiration to her. If she is not in the mountains with her backpack, Nikol likes to discover new places while running or riding on a motorbike or road bike. She is also a big fan of matcha and adaptogens and never says no to a great warm cup of reishi hot chocolate with her friends.

My favorite books:

Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson – it tells you a lot about human behavior, how to understand people and their motivations.

Negotiate to Win by Patrick J. Collins – negotiation is an important skill to acquire and this book actually provides a great framework and case studies to come back to and learn from.


What you can ask me about…

How to leverage Facebook algorithms and how to run Whatsapp ads in Senegal.