Marina Zavelion


Partner & Head of Performance Marketing

As Head of Performance Marketing, I am responsible for overviewing Paid Media strategy and execution of all Tribe’s projects. I manage the team of Performance marketing specialists, trying to inspire, grow, and motivate my team members.

As a Partner, I cooperate with the Board and Management Team on Tribe47 strategy, development, team, projects & culture. I have an impact on key company’s decisions and hold responsibility for the company’s ups and downs. My role is also about making it less about downs by preventing “fires” and “storms.” Last but not least, I supervise some of the company’s projects and train Seniors & Managers so they can become better leaders.




What I do outside Tribe47…

Away from my desk, I am passionate about traveling, photography, and cuddling cats. I am also an avid reader steadily building up the library in my Kindle. I am interested in fashion and art history and love keeping up-to-date with contemporary trends and culture.

What you can ask me about

How to make paid ads a part of online marketing funnel OR how following Kardashians and Instagram meme accounts can make you a better marketer.