Liliana Chepil


Performance Specialist

On a daily basis I’m making sure our performance campaigns are delivering good ROAS, does contribute to better brand awareness and are interesting enough, so to bring client not only good resuls, but also enough learnings for a future. My main focus is on Facebook strategies, with both tech and creative side of campaign. From client side I’m responsible mainly for app, fmcg and ecom campaigns.

What I do outside Tribe47…

Im exploring either Warsaw, by drinking specialy coffee in Stor or Coffeedesk, by riding bycicle from to Old Mokotów to Kabaty Woods, or laying on the grass of Lazienki Królewskie. However I also need to escape Poland quite often, that’s why you can find me also exploring different countries, making tons of analog pictures there, sitting near the ocean, cutting, crafting and having fun in this crazy world.

Ask me about: Work related – Why I think Meta ads are worth it, which tests to implement and how to actually build that brand awareness, even if you just starting

Non-work related – how to love the ocean, even when you can’t swim; how to travel alone and actually enjoy it; how to find small moments in life which can make your destabilise world a bit more stabilized

My favorite book is…

“The Minds of Billy Milligan” by Keyes Daniel

“You will grow up, travel, and work. Over the years, you will try to make sense of that happy, sad, full, empty, always-shifting life you’re in. And when the time comes to return to your star, it may be hard to say goodbye to that strangely beautiful world”

Joaquin Phoenix