Bartek Piękoś


Head of Performance Team

I have been working in Performance Marketing for 8 years and I’ve seen how the entire landscape had changed during that time. One of the most important things as a leader or specialist is to know how to embrace change and adapt in a dynamically shifting environment. I focus on growth, not only for our clients but for our team as a whole and each, individual person.

What I do outside Tribe47…

Sports in a practical way, never as an audience;
Watch movies and TV series;
Spend time with friends & family;
Work on my newest project.

Ask me about: At work: new ideas, campaign performance, data analysis, problem solving.

Outside of work: food, movies, travel, history.

My favorite book is…

“The Lord of the Rings” or “Catch-22” because they are great reads that never fail to entertain me and make me think about new things!

“Be curious, not judgemental”

Ted Lasso