Adam Gregorczyk


Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

As a digital marketer I’m responsible for preparing and developing marketing strategies for our clients. Also, executing and optimizing them later during the project.

What I do outside Tribe47…

Outside Tribe47 I’m really into cars, so you can look for me at every car-related event in Warsaw. Sometimes you can also find me carspotting in places like Three Cross Square looking for some supercars to take pictures or talk with the owners or even take a ride from time to time. Besides that I’m occasionally trading on stocks/crypto.

Ask me about: Work related: I’ll love to help you with Marketing Automation, Planning, Preparing assets etc.

Outside work: Ask me anything. Economics, society topics, don’t be afraid.

My favorite book is…

“The Art of Wa”r – Sun Tzu. I feel like it really helped me with how to approach and plan everything in my life. Not only work-related topics.

“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight”

Sun Tzu