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Who is this Program for?

Over the last three years, we’ve delivered nearly 100 digital funnel strategies to our clients. In the process, we realized there is a handful of simple mistakes that hold most of the early-stage business back from real growth.

We’ve decided to open this FREE consultation program for subscription, e-commerce, and online education businesses so they can avoid these mistakes early on and start growing at a higher pace.

If you know you have a great product, you strive to make a bigger impact and sell more, but need guidance on HOW to do it – this Program is meant for YOU!

What will you get?

Revision of your current acquisition & retention flow and most important metrics behind it.


Expert guidance on  buyer persona profile building.


Analysis of your competitors and product features  to  underline USP (unique selling proposition) and brand messaging.


Advice on where to focus your current effort: easy wins for one area of a funnel (advertising, content production, content distribution, analytics)

Program Flow
Fulfilling the form

You’ll be asked to answer several questions about your business. This will help us better understand your needs.

Applications analysis and selection

We’ll carefully review all the applications and pick 5 lucky ones, based on the needs of the business.

Sending and fulfilling questionnaires

If you’re selected – we’ll send you a questionnaire to gain all the data needed for the audit.

Data analysis and research

We’ll review your acquisition & retention flows, analyze competitors and determine low hanging fruits.

Online consultation

During the 2 online consultation calls we’ll go over Persona profiling, Unique Selling Proposition. You’ll learn about your growth opportunities in one of the areas (advertising, content production, content distribution, analytics).

Email summary

You’ll get a followup with the summary of findings, action steps and research documents.

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What our clients say about working with us:
Alex Faust
Head of Growth at Growth Institute

We have tried and tested a lot of local and international agencies and consultants. Until Tribe47, none of them produced results. Internally, our team is calling them the “empire” 🙂 Despite the timezone difference having an outsourced marketing team of specialists helps me as a marketing director with execution and has helped our company grow for the 3rd year in a row.

Adam Kwasniewski
Investor and Mentor at WealthArc

I’ve worked with Tribe47 on new online presence and digital strategy for B2B SaaS FinTech – WealthArc. I appreciate Tribe47 challenging us on value proposition and coming up with benefits based communication approach. Their full transparency – including detailed documentation – gave us comfort during the whole process. Their iterative approach to test new hypothesis allowed us to gather insights and get ready to keep experimenting with the most promising channels.

Grzegorz Laska
CEO at Vetexpert

Tribe47 supported the VetExpert market entrance strategy by helping with the launch of our new dog food brand, Raw Paleo. A team of experts from Tribe47, dedicated to our project, designed and implemented an extensive trial and influencer campaign.

Tribe47’s e-commerce KPIs, incl. a number of new clients, were delivered over our expectations. The team showed a great commitment to the project and eagerly shared their valuable knowledge and experience.

Piotr Bilon
CEO of Wayman Software

Based on my experience, I am convinced that B2B offering SaaS solution needs an external professional marketing team. Already after the first step with Tribe47- Funnel Kickoff – Wayman has clearly and quickly improved the bridge of metrics. This was a good investment and results exceeded my expectations. I will surely come back for more and I recommend Tribe47.

Cezary Wójcik
Founder and Academic Director of Leadership Academy for Poland

It was a real boost of online marketing for me and our team, which shifted our perspective to a whole new level. Great educational experience, with a professional, sharp-minded specialist from Tribe47, helped us to create a good social initiative.

Aleksander Widera
CEO of Kredytmarket

Tribe47 gave us everything we needed to launch Kredytmarket in the Polish market. Tribe47’s team delivered human touch, encouragement, and motivation. We’re looking forward to continuing our collaboration.

Paula Januszkiewicz
CEO of CQURE Academy

Thanks to Tribe47, we at CQURE can focus on what we do (and enjoy doing) the most – cybersecurity. Tribe47 is a team of solid experts – from strategy to execution. They helped us launch our online business within a couple of months.

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