Metrics, Tactics, and Two Ingenious Bonus Hacks for an Exceptional Brand Awareness Campaign.

Check how we overachieved KPIs of video content distribution for one of the leading sports nutrition brands.

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Like sporting champions, high-quality video content that increases brand awareness is made, not born. And since making it isn’t cheap, finding a way to distribute the content effectively and assess how it performs is crucial.

But how do you measure a brand awareness campaign’s success? And how do you convert a brand awareness campaign designed for reach, engagement, and video views into leads?

We managed to answer these questions and many more while working with one of the all-star players in the Polish sports nutrition hall of fame. Read on to discover how we *over* achieved KPIs in a TV-level video content distribution campaign played out on social media.

  • PRODUCT: Sports Supplements
  • LOCATION: Poland
  • PRODUCT PRICE: $10-50

While full-cycle sales funnel campaigns are our bread and butter, we at Tribe47 still consider ourselves experts at designing great ToFu experiences. We take pride in building a solid foundation for future conversions through education, content distribution, and nurturing target audiences.

So, when Trec came to us with a truly EPIC survival video-content and asked us to take care of their ToFu and deliver KPIs in brand awareness… we couldn’t resist the chance to go for the gold.

Trec documented a group of brave explorers as they tried to overcome their physical and mental limitations while being constantly challenged by special forces veteran, Zachar. This adventure resulted in 6 episodes of exceptional video content intended for distribution via social media and VOD platforms. The aim of the project was to boost loyalty among current customers and bring awareness of the brand to the new target audience.

Being truly impressed by the motto of the series – THE FORCE IS IN YOU – we decided to add to the KPIs initially planned by the Trec team. And so, to reach, traffic increase, video views, brand name searches increase, and engagement, we added capturing leads with competition anticipation.

What follows is the true account of a brand awareness campaign so epic that if marketing poets existed, they would be writing odes about it for a decade.


Our main objective was to help…

1 Raise brand awareness
2 Reach new target personas
3 Acquire new leads
7 Key Tactics + 2 Ingenious BONUS HACKS:
TACTIC I Doubling Up: appealing to current clients and a new persona at the same time

Do you know how marketing can sometimes be a juggling act? This was one of those times. Sports nutrition company Trec came to us with an ambitious request to maximize a major investment they had made in video content production. Our challenge was to reach those who either didn’t know about the brand or who hadn’t yet connected their needs with Trec’s solutions, at the same time targeting their existing client base.


We created separate campaigns for cold and warm audiences on Facebook and Google Ads (using YouTube ads). Why?


1. In a brand awareness campaign, most of the budget should be spent on cold audiences. Cold targeting is usually much cheaper and remarketing’s reach is typically much smaller.
2. When selecting audiences, it’s best practice to merge ones of similar “temperatures” but to keep a cold audience isolated from a hot one. When you launch a campaign, Facebook Algorithm, and Google Machine Learning System start learning about who you are targeting, how they react to your content, and which audience works best (depending on your goal: which one has the lowest CPV, CPC or CPL).
3. Keep in mind that staying above 1M users per audience is good practice whenever possible. Our Persona is deeply connected to sport, survival, dietary supplements, and sports nutrition, giving us the chance to test many audience targetings available on Facebook.



Reaching a new target audience can be tricky at first and may not go strictly as planned. For example, reaching an audience of women when the business was previously only targeted to men. But you have 3 best friends who can help you make the most of it:

  1. Patience: Facebook’s learning phase needs time to optimize your campaign for the best results. Only after the learning phase is finished and results don’t improve should you make a decision to either turn off the ad set or optimize it further.
  2. Versatility: One type of communication won’t work for everyone. Make sure that the reason for poor new targeting performance is NOT that you didn’t adjust your graphics or copy to this specific audience.
  3. Testing: Check dynamic creatives to test more graphics and copies, adjust LPs. Don’t give up 🙂 Maybe your next copy will be ‘The One!’


TACTIC II Creating the right anticipation competition strategy

In order to gather leads and build interest around the series, we decided to create an anticipation campaign with a competition strengthened by an irresistible prize – personal training with the series’ main character, the one, and only Zachar.


We kicked off the anticipation campaign three weeks before the launch of the competition. When signing up, users knew only that they could win a personal training session with the series’ main character. To keep an air of mystery, our lead magnet page didn’t contain any details about the competition or the tasks. We announced the competition via email and social media, but only those who signed up could access the tasks.


The campaign quickly generated a few thousand leads, who later showed amazing engagement by solving competition tasks and posting on social media. This strategy helped not only keep the audience involved throughout the promotion but also add extra muscle to the email database for further conversion through email sequences.


TACTIC III Test everything from headers to ads thumbnails and then test it again!

You’re cooking a meal for that special someone in your life. Would you serve it up without tasting it? Or would you keep tasting it throughout the cooking process so you can get the most delicious result? We took this tasty logic and applied it to the campaign.

During the promotion of the series, we conducted tests on multiple channels, assessing everything we possibly could including:


  1. Emails: to keep the high OR & CTR, we played with the copies and creatives to find what resonated most with our persona. By adjusting the headers, preheaders, and even alt text of images, we kept our audiences highly engaged and responsive, and the average OR above 30% throughout the campaign.
  2. Landing Pages: There are many things to vary on a landing page including CTA, images, and copy style, so try different versions and see what works. In the next section, we reveal how even altering the length of the page can make a major difference.
  3. Creatives: Testing a lot of creatives during our campaign helped us identify the winners and allocate spend. It also helped us get to know the Persona’s likes and dislikes. The responsibility for the creation of creatives was on the client’s side.
  4. Audiences: By testing around 20 different cold audiences, we were able to identify the ones that would give us the best ROI.


TACTIC IV Our way to get lower CPL and higher CR

When planning the landing page, we chose a bold sprint finish over a long-winded scrollathon. To increase CR and lower CPL we introduced a simple scroll-less landing page structure, which we call the Short Landing Page (SLP).


An SLP consists of one section with minimal elements. Its main part is a massively highlighted CTA. In the case of our competition SLP, that CTA was a lead capturing form displayed against a moody background image of Zachar. The only other elements on the page were a strong, emboldened headline and a short piece of copy listing four benefits.


This short but sweet page structure works well for lead capturing, usually showing up to 10% more CR compared to regular LPs that make users trawl through 2-6 sections.



And the icing on the cake? For the competition anticipation campaign, the short LP helped us to reduce CPL and get more leads without any increase in budget.




TACTIC V Competition via e-mail as a way of lead nurturing and education

In marketing, a whisper can be far more powerful than a shout, and a little subtlety can go a long way. Knowing this, we ran a lead nurturing and education campaign along with promoting the video series.


As mentioned above, only people who signed up for the competition received tasks via email. Our strategy was to raise brand awareness among this new email base while connecting with them through the competition. Subtly incorporated into the emails containing the tasks were brand materials like backstage, productscal used in the series, and discounts for series heroes bundles. This strategy kept the engagement rate high throughout the whole campaign and sent competition leads from warm to sizzling!


TACTIC VI Yes, you can measure and track brand awareness

Ready for a quick spot the difference? A brand awareness campaign differs from an acquisition campaign in KPIs, objectives, and optimization. Don’t expect purchases from it, but remember that you still need to:


  1. Create KPIs (for example: how many video views and engagement indicators do you want to reach, what are the costs and planned CPV, CPC, Cost per Engagement as well as secondary metrics like bounce rate, time on page, organic searches increase, brand name lift and more);
  2. Track the results every day and use them to optimize your campaigns. Our team created tracking sheets to monitor results on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and a UTM structure (for keeping the data clean and trackable).



How do you make a video cool enough to connect with Facebook audiences?

  • Tell a dynamic story – the content created by our client had a suspenseful storyline and a real emotional arc.
  • Don’t skimp on quality – invest in high-quality recording and post-production to make your content stand apart from what anybody can make using their smartphone.
  • Subtitle in every episode – a must-have as Facebook studies showed that more than 50% of users watch videos without sound
  • Include heroes/characters to love or hate – ambassadors of the brand who participated in the series were real characters. Thanks to this, the viewers were able to identify with them and become emotionally involved with their adventures and challenges
  • Finish every episode with an irresistible cliffhanger
  • Invite people who took part in this video creation to get involved in the comment section
  • Drive traffic to your video through multiple channels: use your mailing list and Influencers
  • Publish teasers before each episode is released to heat up the audience




TACTIC VII Go Team! Collaborating with the client to achieve the best performance

At Tribe47, we always deliver on a promise and we’re not shy of celebrating our achievements. But on this project, we were only one half of the firework display lighting up marketing’s night sky. It really was a joint effort with our client.


Trec had a great attitude towards collaboration (which makes sense since so many sports are about teamwork). There was clarity around responsibilities and ownership with roles distinctly distributed between our team and theirs.


While each side had their own parts of the strategy to implement, there were many common aspects that required input from both sides. This had the potential to create some confusion, but the clear division of responsibilities and the ownership assigned to each person involved in the project helped us to effectively manage each stage of the campaign, and ensure that all tasks were delivered on time.


We were trusted to take charge of creating KPIs, proposing budgets, and suggesting where to target investment. The only condition they had was that we capture the results with strong tracking and reporting so that they could become a learning tool for future campaigns. As analytics addicts who are obsessed with numbers and reporting, we didn’t have to be asked twice. 😛


The openness of our client let us not only proactively propose different tests during the campaign (including competition, leads capturing, email nurturing sequences, and more), but actually execute them as well.


What gave the Tribe47-Trec team such a strong foundation was setting clear goals and caring about achieving them. This shared mindset made any technical bugs and obstacles easy to overcome.


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Influencer Marketing

Running a successful campaign to distribute long-form video content is no mean feat. It requires constant adaptation based on the responsiveness of the audience. But a creative approach, teamwork, oodles of wisdom, and a huge chunk of expertise earned us the gold in the end.

What vaulted us over the high bar was the relationship we developed with our client that ensured each of us could play to our strengths. Trec focused on producing the highest quality content while we used our knowledge of TOFu strategies, lead acquisition techniques, and the quirks of the Facebook and YouTube platforms to promote it effectively.

By constantly testing different audiences, creatives, copies, and pages, we managed to optimize and perfect every stage of our strategy and finally deliver results that outpaced our expectations.

We are sharing this successful outcome to guide and inspire you as you plan your next campaign, but don’t be afraid to let your creativity shape it and make it personal to you. As the great Wayne Gretzky said: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” 😉

1 MLN video views on YouTube
+146.98% new users
3 MLN – total series reach on Facebook
Marina Zavelion Head of Performance & Project Supervisor Projects don’t supervise themselves! Marina handled all that jazz and also liaised with the client on every last action and decision. Don’t challenge her to an ‘organization-off’ and expect to win.
Daniel Biskupski Digital Marketer Thanks to Daniel, the running of this campaign was smoother than silk. He used his management and analytical skills to develop marketing and sales channels that got brilliant results.
Viktor Holubinka Performance Marketing Specialist Acting like the conductor is this ensemble, Viktor controlled the performance of all marketing activities, segmenting audiences and transferring knowledge to the client’s team.
Aleksandra Golik Junior Performance Marketing Specialist Someone had to make sense of all those ads and determine which ones were making sweet music and which ones were striking the wrong chord. With Aleksandra on the team, we maximized growth.
Dominika Wrońska Content Marketing Specialist With so much going on, it would be easy to lose sight of brand coherence. But that doesn’t happen on Dominika’s watch. How did she also find the time to prepare ideas for outstanding creatives and marketing copy?
TREC Team THE CLIENT ❤️ It’s one thing to come up with an idea for a video but quite another to produce truly high quality content. On top of this, Trec was responsible for the Trec Challenge (TV Series) launch and supported all content promotion activities. If that doesn’t deserve a medal, we don’t know what does.

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