User Acquisition Doubled for an Online Yoga Subscription.

(in the middle of COVID-19 crisis)


Read about the 3 key strategies that helped us activate #stayathome crowds, spread the positive message and acquire almost 3000 users in a month (before the lockdown the avg was below 1,000).




0 % MoM* Revenue Growth
0 % MoM New Subscribers Growth
0 % Lower CAC

PortalYogi is a well-known online yoga platform in Poland – and is one of our oldest clients. Since 2013 they’ve been first selling standalone online courses and later expanded to VOD (Video On Demand) yoga subscription.

What we created for PortalYogi was a content-based, evergreen funnel mixed with a perpetual launch strategy, built around challenges – campaigns tailored to both acquire new users and retain the current base.

After finishing 2019 with great results (48% more subscribers) – thanks to introducing new acquisition strategies to the business – we were ready to launch another campaign in March, when…. the COVID-19 virus outbreak happened.

*Month on Month Revenue Growth measures how much Revenue grew from one month to another in percent.

  • PRODUCT: Home Yoga On-Demand Subscription
  • LOCATION: Europe
  • PRICE: ~ 7 USD a month

Since the beginning of PortalYogi’s existence, many users have had their fears and doubts about practicing yoga at home:

  • “Will I be capable of doing it without an instructor?”
  • “How do I know that I’m doing it correctly?”
  • “Is it safe?”

One of the product’s missions has always been to educate people interested in yoga. To show them that it’s not as complicated as it might seem – all you need is your laptop or mobile phone, a matt, and good intentions.

When the Covid-19 quarantine and lockdown happened, it raised awareness that a lot of fitness and wellness related activities can (indeed!) be safely practiced at home – if the content with instructions is created by professionals.

We started noticing a much bigger interest in queries related to ‘yoga online’ and ‘yoga at home’, so we had to react quickly.  We felt it’s a great opportunity to help a lot of people reduce anxiety and start (or maintain) a healthy habit in their life during these hard times.
Below you will find 3 key strategies we used to maximize product growth during this period.

yogaonline subscription business growth

yogaonline subscription business growth

Key goals
1 Help more people start practicing yoga while #stayingathome
2 Attract new subscribers to the platform
3 Lower CAC
TACTIC I Reaching new audiences with communication adjustment

yoga online subscription ads

In the new ads, we decided to emphasize the fact that staying at home is actually a perfect opportunity to try yoga out and start a home practice, even if you’re a newbie. We also highlighted the fact that PortalYogi is a team of trustworthy experts, with years of experience in online yoga. Worth mentioning since the Internet is full of uncertified pseudo teachers.

With these ads we targeted broad cold audiences, who didn’t previously know about PortalYogi, didn’t engage with our content, etc. Et voilà: 20% of new subscribers in March are coming from this campaign. If users didn’t convert directly from those first ads, we were inviting them to join a new challenge via remarketing ads.

TACTIC II Community leadership and personal engagement

yoga online subscription community leadership

PortalYogi has a very engaged social media community: 113k users on Facebook and 55k on Instagram. When the crisis started, the company’s CEO and brand’s face Marzena Jaworska was very active on Instagram – doing lives and engaging in stories every day. She was not only showing a lot of her personal practice and how she’s doing during the lockdown but also asking users how they’re feeling and coping with the situation.

A lot of new users who joined the platform had questions regarding how to use the Online Studio. With Marzena being live a lot, people felt attended to in a very quick, friendly and personal way. Her naturally grounded, wise and empathetic leadership helped both the new and current users feel cared for and supported in their decision to start or maintain their yoga practice online.

TACTIC III Influencer marketing

influencer marketing online subscription business

PortalYogi used influencer marketing before – collaborating mainly with healthy lifestyle bloggers – but it was only in March when the social media reach exploded. With a few Polish celebrities posting about PY, some of them with over 400k followers, we were able to deliver our message to those that are in desperate need of stress and anxiety release.

This increased exposure helped us create an influencer loop, as other users with big social media following started recommending PortalYogi as a solution… and the domino effect kept going. After this massive social media boost, a lot of new subscribers told PortalYogi’s customer support that they joined after seeing an influencer’s recommendation, but plan to stay for a long time as they love the product and will recommend it to their friends and family.

Traffic Channels
Influencer marketing

All of these activities helped us with both the acquisition of new users and the retention of current subscribers. 40% of the sales are directly attributed to ads and marketing, others came from influencers and organic sales. All the audiences that were directed by influencers to our social media profiles and website, but didn’t convert right away, were targeted in remarketing in a challenge campaign – and it brought great results as there were a lot of engaged audiences to retarget.

PortalYogi’s mission is to help people find their inner peace and lead a more mindful life. In the #crisis times, we see how important it is to give people the possibility to keep both their mind and body healthy. Adjusting our communication accordingly and broadening the social media reach, helped not only grow the product effectively but also motivated a lot of people to make their first step towards fighting anxiety and leading a better life.

60% MoM Revenue Growth
243% MoM New Subscribers Growth
70% Lower CAC
Mariya Kallagova Tribe Leader Masha coordinated strategic work and execution while also spilling coffee on client during meetings.
Wiktoria Drozd Digital Marketer Wiktoria is responsible for managing campaigns and analysing the development of marketing and sales channels. She also supports her departmental team in the preparation and implementation of marketing strategies.

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