How 1 Tripwire Lowered CAC and Amplified 19.63% CR in Time for Black Friday.

Check how we overachieved KPIs for one of the leading online dietary brands by transitioning trial clients to the full product and gathering 63% new high-quality leads out of a total of 10,091.

0 % New High Quality Leads
0 % Return on Ads Spent (ROAS)
0 % Conversion to the Full Product

How do you make sure you stay streaks ahead of the competition — on the busiest weekend of the year? That was the challenge in 2021, when one of Poland’s most famous dietary brands came to us to whip up some Black Friday marketing magic.

It was time to get smart…

That’s why in the weeks leading up to the big weekend, we created a tripwire campaign giving users a chance to lap up and love the product at a tantalizing price…

The big idea? By the time Black Friday rolls around, they’re lovin’ the recipes, feeling the benefits, and ready to devour the offer…

  • PRODUCT: Online diet plans
  • LOCATION: Poland
  • PRODUCT PRICE: 14 PLN for tripwire, 69 PLN Full Diet Plan

Whether you want to shed a few pounds, maintain optimal weight, or simply don’t know where to begin — the icing on the cake is there’s something for everyone.

With an extensive, varied low GI menu, our client’s particular brand illustrates that whatever you crave, you don’t need to sacrifice flavor for health…

AND with each diet adjusted to your specific body weight and physical activity — this is truly a personalized plan for mind, body, and spirit.

It’s a mission we couldn’t resist…

Our tripwire retailed at 14 PLN, and the full diet plan ranged from 69 PLN. The challenge would be to bridge the value/price gap — giving customers thirst for the full-price option while making purchasing an easy and effortless decision.



Our main objective was to help…

1 Gather New Leads
2 Convert Leads to the Full Product
3 Lower CAC at Lead Generation to 0
Tripwire challenge & Key steps to build it
STEP I The goal & campaign design

We’d devised our campaign goal — now we needed to map it out.

Our genius? Sell the 14-day challenge for 14 PLN until, crucially, access to the online diet platform ends on Black Friday Weekend.

STEP II Launch, Tweak and Improve…

We set about attracting only new clients to the challenge, promoting to cold (or slightly warm) audiences. 4 days into the campaign sales wilted…

Rather than going hungry, we switched up the audience — and called in users already familiar with the brand. We segmented emails and utilized our client’s social media and website pop-up to do just that. Targeting both audiences turned out to be successful.

The result? We beat challenge sales KPIs, and boosted revenue before Black Friday Weekend…

STEP III A Drool-Worthy Nurture Sequence

But the truth is, the purchase of the 14-day challenge was only a micro-commitment. The real challenge (to convert users to a longer, pricier offer during Black Friday) was to prove the real test…

Much like the first date in your favorite restaurant, we needed to present the menu and strike up a conversation. By introducing the product, drip-feeding benefits, and guiding them towards rapid results within the first 14 days, they would be onboarded and nurtured.

How did we do it? An engaging sequence of emails, including brand information, bonuses and quiz to help users overcome internal challenges and define their goals.

STEP IV The Big Shiny Offer

Exactly 12 days after the start of the challenge, Black Friday arrived. And it was then we strategically hit all challenge participants with the brand’s biggest discount of the year…

Getsitecontrol (pop-up)
Active Campaign (email)

Our campaign generated 10,091 leads for Black Friday weekend… 63% (6,415) of these were completely new. Each participant paid 14 PLN to enter the challenge, which covered the CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and allowed us to reach a ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 2.19. This, of course, meeting our 3 key goals in just the first stage of the campaign.

The final Black Friday conversion? A jaw-dropping 19.63%  

Here at Tribe47, we deliver on a promise (over-deliver in fact!). We’re never shy of celebrating our achievements. But on this campaign, even we were put to the test when on day 4 numbers started to stagnate…

So what’s our secret? 

Flexibility. Adaptability. A willingness to see the bigger picture. And a team of sensational marketers, who put the client’s needs foremost, and pulled out all the stops to change tack — and steer the campaign in a more fruitful direction. Collaboration is key. Much like one of her famous meal boxes, the relationship with our client was well balanced, complementary, and imaginative — with stunning results.

The truth is, our client not only sold her program beyond expectation, outstripping the competition but in the process amassed a new following. Challenge participants who remain engaged on social media and in their inbox. Who’ll remember, rave and refer the brand.

And most importantly, who now thrive on a healthier lifestyle…

Daniel Biskupski Digital Marketer Thanks to Daniel, the running of this campaign was a cakewalk. He used his management and analytical skills to develop a strategy that got brilliant results.
Kat Sobko Digital Marketer Kat’s job was to ensure the client’s content and landing pages were destined for conversion. She’s our optimization wizz — prepping emails, ad campaigns and content to make sure the brand’s offer was seen, coveted and… devoured!
Aleksandra Golik Performance Marketing Specialist Aleksandra’s experience is chock-full of results for both warm and cold traffic — both perfect ingredients for this campaign! (Oh, and she’ll effortlessly amplify your ROAS through ad campaigns on Facebook and Google.)
Edyta Stochmal Content Specialist Edyta’s job was to deliver delicious, top-quality content for paid and organic channels. Cooking up scrumptious, meticulously crafted copy & graphics is her specialty and she makes sure to always serve them with a big dollop of creativity.
Anastasiia Kostiuk Performance Marketing Specialist Ana’s part was to deliver the right message in front of the right person at the right moment! Taking care of relevant paid campaigns set up and navigating the process to ensure the maximum outcome.

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