How This Ecommerce Business Platform Grew by 172% Despite the Crisis.

Thanks To 3 Surprisingly Simple Tactics


0 % MoM* Revenue Growth
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When crisis hits and consumer engagement gets lower, cash flow and stock levels can become all-encompassing concerns.

This is when eCommerce merchants are left with two options. The first one is to keep pumping money into acquisition strategies, hoping that some of them will turn out to be successful. The second one is to double down and find cost-effective ways to retain existing clients and activate new ones.

We decided to focus on the second option and, as a result, our client’s online sales grew by 172% (compared to the previous period).

*Month on Month Revenue Growth measures how much Revenue grew from one month to another in percent.

  • PRODUCT: An online store selling fitness equipment, cooking books, healthy snacks and cosmetics. What’s important, our client already had a loyal and engaged following on their subscription platform and social media.
  • LOCATION: Europe

In the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, the priority we identified for our client’s online store was to make sure that their customers stay with the brand, rather than choose the competition.

The 3 key tactics we used boil down to: communicating with empathy, keeping our customers engaged and optimizing our online strategy.

Key goals
1 Help more people build up a fitness routine as they #stayathome
2 Increase number of transactions
TACTIC I Adjusting the communication in the newsletter and customers list

After the national lockdown got announced, we started running a bi-weekly newsletter where we:

1/ Shared tips on how to motivate yourself to work out at home, 

2/ Prepared free ebook with 10 healthy and easy to cook recipes

This dedicated newsletter turned out to be a hit, with an average 27% open rate, and 16.2% click rate. We made sure that the message was always relevant, which also opened the door for selling fitness equipment or superfoods supplements.

TACTIC II Engaging cold audience on Facebook with a free ebook with healthy recipes

A lot of new people joined the client’s newsletter thanks to a free ebook with recipes we promoted on Facebook. The ebook landing page had a whooping 84% conversion rate and over 6,000 people subscribed. A few days later, some of them became our customers thanks to the relevant communication via email marketing automation or posts on social media.

TACTIC III Creating relevant product bundles

Our client’s online store sells a diverse range of products: fitness clothes, equipment, books, cosmetics. Based on the market data we decided to highlight products that have the highest demand. 

For example we created discounted bundles for soap & hand creams. Another example: an SKU for ‘All Equipment You Need To Work at Home’ — people really loved it.


All of these tactics helped us both acquire new users and reenage existing customers for the eCommerce store.

The client grew their MoM by 72% and the newsletter generated 21% more revenue in comparison to January 2020 (which is usually a very active month due to the New Year’s resolutions).

All of this while helping people stay healthy and sane as they have to #stayathome. Win-win for everyone.


72.56% MoM Revenue Growth
39.4% MoM Number of Transactions Growth
23.79% AOV Growth
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