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Career path

Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to build the best team of digital marketing specialists in the known universe – but that’s not all. We care about each and every member of our tribe who we support to reach their full potential through our continuous skills acceleration programme. Join Tribe47 and discover your best you.

Check how your journey with Tribe47 may begin


This is your chance to immerse yourself in our world of digital funnel-building. You’ll attend brainstorms, meetings and training sessions and assist specialists to smash at their daily tasks. Our fiercely popular Internship program is only open to candidates who have already demonstrated a strong interest in the digital marketing field. Tell us about the relevant courses you have attended, the training you’ve undertaken, and the most inspirational marketing articles and books you have read.

Junior Specialist

As Junior Specialist your main job is to quickly accelerate your skills in the areas of holistic digital marketing, content marketing or performance marketing (depending on which specialisation you choose). Apart from this you are responsible for delivering tasks under the supervision of senior specialist within the team. We welcome applications for this role from graduates of our Internship program and from ambitious go-getters who already have some digital marketing experience.


As a Specialist you will be responsible for the excellent execution of tasks and key strategy components within one of the following areas: holistic digital marketing, content marketing, or performance marketing. You will also collaborate with other Specialists and Leaders to develop strategies and brainstorm new ideas for our clients. To become a Specialist you need to have at least 2 years of relevant marketing experience.

Senior Specialist

As a Senior Specialist you will be responsible for the excellent execution of tasks and key strategy components within one of the following areas: holistic digital marketing, content marketing, or performance marketing. You will also undertake the training of Junior Specialists, use checklists to monitor projects, and introduce new Best Practice standards into our methodology. To become a Senior Specialist you need to have at least 3 years of relevant experience.

Project Owner

As Project Owner you are responsible for delivering growth projects for our clients on time, on budget, and in accordance with all KPIs. You will coordinate your team’s work,making sure that all elements of the project work together to build a concise customer acquisition journey. You’ll also play a part in strategy development for our clients. To become Project Owner you need to first attain the level of Specialist plus you need strong Project Management and Soft Skills.

Project Supervisor

As a Supervisor your key responsibilities are overseeing the excellent delivery of growth projects for our clients, mentoring and training team members, and developing strategies for our clients. Reports analysis, team meetings, mentoring session, brainstorms and 1:1 meetings are all part of your everyday flow. You’ll also collaborate with Leaders to develop organisational culture and processes for the whole company. To become a Supervisor you need to have worked your way up through Tribe47’s ranks from a Junior Specialist to a Project Owner. External applicants must have at least 5 years of relevant digital marketing experience that includes 2 years in a leadership role.

Head of Department

Your role is to oversee the quality of the work delivered by Specialists, to train specialists, and to develop new standards and Best Practice procedures for delivering excellent work in one of our 3 areas of speciality (holistic digital marketing, content marketing, and performance marketing). You will also play a key role in creating strategies for our clients. To become a Head of Department you must first become a bad–ass Senior Specialist and demonstrate strong mentoring, training and process oriented skills.

What’s great about working at Tribe47?

Working on end-to-end digital marketing strategies for innovative projects in diverse industries

Accessing the latest systems for marketing automation, content creation and traffic acquisition

Becoming a valued member of a diverse international team located in Warsaw

Finding satisfaction in a stimulating fast-paced career where increases in your skills and knowledge are quickly rewarded with promotions and pay rises

The learning never stops! — we offer in-house training via e-learning, mentoring and Weekly Skill Acceleration Workshops, and off-site training in related skills

Being granted a Learning Budget for courses and conferences chosen by you

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Digital Marketing Analyst

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Graphic Designer (freelance)

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Senior Ecommerce Marketing Specialist

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Work hard, party hard

Digital Marketing is not our only common passion. We love to spend time together and have no problem finding different ways to do it!

5 steps to becoming part of Tribe47
Case study

We send a few tasks to candidates after reviewing their application. This is an opportunity for you to show us your approach, ideas, and knowledge and to see what kind of challenges are waiting for you in this position.

Recruitment interview

The next step is an online interview with our recruiter. During this conversation we want to talk about your experience, goals and expectations. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about our team and the position.

Specialist interview

In a second online interview we’ll ask you about your hard skills and you’ll have an opportunity to talk with your potential future manager.

Team & Management Interview

A final meeting which takes place at our office. You’ll talk firstly to your potential new team members and then to a Board representative. During this interview you can meet us, get a feel for the kind of projects you’ll be working on , and learn more about our structure, goals, and company culture. This is also the time for those final negotiations


If both sides are happy with how the Team & Management Interview went, you’ll be invited to join Tribe47!

Recruitment FAQ's

How long is the recruitment process?

We try to make it as fast as possible. Usually the whole process takes 1 month from start to finish.

How long should I wait for an answer after an interview?

We do our best to get back to you within 2 days.

Will I have flexible working hours?

Our office is open for you between 8am and 8pm. We believe in communication and we trust our people, so if one day you want to start later and on another day a little bit earlier that’s fine – just be sure to let your team and manager know.

Can I work part-time?

Currently we offer full-time jobs and freelance work only

Is remote working possible?

It’s possible from time to time. Again, it’s something that you need to discuss with your manager. If you let the team know about it early enough, we don’t see why not! Longer periods of remote working (i. 3 months) are also possible after you have been with us for a year.

Will I have a probation period?

Yes, you will be working on probation for your first 3 months at Tribe47.